Source Book for Creative Problem Solving

Source Book for Creative Problem Solving
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Source Book for Creative Problem Solving provides the most comprehensive compilation of valuable information available on creative problem-solving -- sectioned, head-noted and indexed for ease of reference. Besides introductory perspectives as well as theoretical roots and research foundations, it compiles detailed information on:

  • CPS, Syntectics and other major ongoing programs for creativity development - their programs, methods, tools and techniques.
  • Three major current thrusts in program development: Problem-Finding, Imagery/Intuition and Computers.
  • Significant sources useful in strengthening creativity development programs
  • Helpful background for facilitating and instructing CPS.
Editor Parnes explains: "The volume will serve all who want an expanded understanding and appreciation of their own creative processes and how to nurture these in themselves and others - in teaching, managing, facilitating, parenting or mentoring - along what I call an infinite continuum of possible growth in creative ability. Source Book for Creative Problem-Solving is a "mini-encyclopedia" for trainers, teachers, practitioners, managers, parents, scholars, students and their libraries. It contains the most diverse, relevant and representative selection available of articles from half a century of effort in creativity development.

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